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scribed, and donations were obtained to the amount of about £40. Finally on the 27th April Lieut.-Col. Goldsmid delivered an address to the members of the Sheffield Branch, chiefly on the educational work of the Association. This address had the effect of doubling the number of members of the Branch.
From the Birmingham Branch the Council received a memorandum containing suggestions for increasing the activity of the Branches in general. One of these suggestions related to the exhibition at public meetings of specimens of the work executed at Elementary and Technical Schools in the East. The Council desire to state that a variety of such articles are now in their possession, and may be procured on loan for the object suggested by the Birmingham Branch, on due notice being sent to the office of the Association. The Birmingham Branch further suggested the desirability of periodically holding the Annual Meetings of the Parent Body in large provincial towns; but the Council, while recognising the advantages that such a course might present, were unable to give effect to the proposal in view of the difficulties by which at present it is surrounded. Lastly, the Council were asked, subject to the fulfilment of certain financial conditions, to improve the representation of the Branches on that body. The Council, however, direct attention to Clause 8 of the Constitution, which empowers them to admit one representative of each Provincial and Colonial Branch, in addition to the President, who is an ex-officio Member of the Council. The Cardiff Branch, to some extent, anticipated the suggestion of the Birmingham Branch by electing as its President Mr. A. E. Samuel, a gentleman connected with that town, but resident in London.
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