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Alliance Israelite Universelle and the Board of Deputies has been fully maintained, and has proved of the utmost advantage to the labours of the Association.
The increase of Branches continues to add material and moral strength to the Association. The zeal which many members of the Branches display in their intercourse with the Parent body deserves to be cordially recognised by all who are interested in the progress of the Anglo-Jewish Association.
Acting on a suggestion made by the Birmingham Branch, the Council are taking steps to familiarise the members of the Branches generally with the results of the instruction given in Eastern Schools, by exhibiting at meetings of Branches specimens of the work done in those Schools.
A resolution has been adopted for making immediately available the Education Fund, initiated in 1885. The terms of this resolution, and the conditions of application of this Fund, will be found below under the heading of " Education Fund," and the Council direct the especial attention of the Members of the Association to the generous offer made by Mr. B. Newgass in a letter published on pages 12 and 13.
The Council regret to state that the condition of the Jews in Russia has undergone no perceptible change. The repressive laws against the native Jews have been enforced with the utmost rigour, and the expulsions of foreign Jews
have been continued, inflicting the
misery upon
hundreds of families who had been domiciled in that country
for many years.
Also in Roumania the aspect of Jewish affairs is at present very cheerless, as will be noticed under the heading of Roumania, pages 14-19. It must, however, be stated, to the credit of the greater portion of the Roumanian press, that the crusade hitherto carried on against the native Jewish population is on the decline.
Notwithstanding the repeated representations made by Her Majesty's Government at the instance of the Council and the Board of Deputies, the outrages of which so many Jews in Morocco are the victims have not diminished; but
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