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February. She was an ardent friend of the Anglo-Jewish Association since its foundation, and marked her appreciation of its work by a legacy of £200.
The Council have to deplore the irreparable loss of M. Etnanuel F. Veneziani, one of the leading members of the Central Committee of the Alliance Israelite Universelle. His powerful address at one of the annual meetings of the Association was in itself an evidence of the thoroughness with which he entered upon the discharge of his public labours.
In Alexandria the Association has lost, by the death of Mr. Felice Naggiar, formerly of Manchester, an able and faithful representative, who during many years, and up to the last week of his life, supplied the Council with communications productive of beneficial results.
Conjointly with the Board of Deputies, the Council presented addresses of condolence to the Queen and to the Empress Frederick of Germany, on the death of the Emperor Frederick. An address of a similar character was presented through the Austrian Embassy to the Emperor of Austria on the death of his son, the Crown Prince Rudolf.
Last winter, Sir John Simon, one of the Vice-Presidents of the Association, felt himself compelled by ill-health to retire from Parliament, to the great regret of the Council, who thereupon made the following entry on their minutes:— " The Council hereby place on record their high appreciation of the eminent services which Sir John Simon has rendered, both politically and educationally, and both in and out of Parliament, to the cause of the community ever since the foundation of the Association, and, indeed, ever since his entry into Parliament."
The Council have to state that, to their great regret, the Secretary of the Association, the Rev. A. Lowy, has announced his resignation of the office which he has held for many years, and in which he has rendered such signal services to the Association. Further details connected with Mr. Lowy's resignation, and the arrangements consequent thereon, will be found on pages 10 and 11.
The frequent interchange of communications with the
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