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eighteenth annual report.
Philippopolis (Eastern Eoumelia).—(219 pupils: subvention, £40.)—The Boys' School is in receipt of subventions from the Bulgarian Government and from the Municipality of Philippopolis. Among miscellaneous sources of income during the past year were the proceeds of a dramatic entertainment given by the pupils. Favoured by the present political condition of the country, the instruction given in the Bulgarian language has been considerably extended; an additional native teacher has therefore been engaged at the School.
Salonica (Turkey).—(Boys' School, 288 pupils; Girls' School, 229 pupils; Infants' School, 182 pupils: subvention, £150.)—The School year ended with a deficit of 23,400 francs, This deficit was, however, nearly met early in the year by the proceeds of a lottery, which yielded 20,000 francs.
Smyrna (Asia Minor).—(Boys' School, 244 pupils; Girls' School, 265 pupils: subvention, £130.)—Owing to internal differences, and also to the irregular payment of the congregational subvention, upwards of 100 boys have left the Alliance School, and re-entered the Talmud Torah Schools. There are many non-Jewish families who are eager that their children should avail themselves of the advantages offered by the Alliance School, especially in regard to the Greek and Turkish languages. Among the pupils are Mahomedans, and Christians of the Catholic, Greek, and Armenian Churches. Some of the past Jewish pupils attend the Turkish School, where the programme, with slight exceptions, corresponds to the secondary teaching given at High Schools. Several youths, who had completed their studies at the Alliance School, have found good employment in public offices.
Sixty boys are apprenticed. Four youths who were taught the trade of cooper at Bordeaux have returned to Smyrna, where they have successfully started on their own account. They have taken as apprentices four boys educated at the Alliance School.
In the Girls' School the workrooms have produced excellent practical results. Orders are constantly received from
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