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eluding £10 from the London Council of the Morocco Relief Fund. Special subvention for working material £9.)— The instruction is mainly given through the medium of the English language, and with the exception of Arabic, the course of studies is similar to that of Jewish Girls' Schools in England.
The School is frequently visited by Mr. Richard Pay ton, the British Consul, and by Mrs. Payton, both of whom take a very kind interest in the work done at the School. To them the Council have to tender their most cordial thanks. Mr. Payton, who examined the School in February last, reported as follows
British Consulate, Mogador,
February 1 lth, 1889.
Dear Sir,
I have pleasure in reporting that on the 7th inst., assisted by Mrs. Payton, I held an examination of Mrs. Corcos's School, and found the conduct of the same efficient, and the progress of the pupils satisfactory. I was glad to note the large number of scholars present, viz., 99, although the system of early marriages, so prevalent in the Hebrew Community here, prevents many of the girls from remaining long enough to derive full benefit from Mrs. Corcos's good system and painstaking application thereof.
The Scholars were examined in various branches, including English reading and writing, grammar, geography, arithmetic, etc. Marked improvement since last examination was noted, specially in geography and in English grammar. The handwriting of the pupils was found to be generally very good.
Some really excellent specimens of fine needlework were shown to Mrs. Payton, who found a sewing class of elder girls receiving good practical instruction and profiting thereby.
I am, dear Sir, yours faithfully,
Charles A. Payton.
The Secretary,
Anglo-Jewish Association.
In consideration of the special attention bestowed on the teaching of plain and fancy needlework, the Council have forwarded to Mrs. Corcos, for the benefit of her pupils, a
large quantity of working material,
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