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sections of the Bible are taught through the medium of the Roumanian language. The delegate of the local University who attended public examinations expressed, in his official report, his complete satisfaction with the progress of the pupils.
Jerusalem.—(234 pupils, including 109 in the Technical School : subvention £250.)—Only 14 of the pupils pay school fees. Among the scholars are 24 Mahomedans and 12 Christians, the latter members of the Protestant, "Roman Catholic, Greet, and Armenian Churches. All the non-Jewish pupils belong to the leading families in Jerusalem; one of them is a son of Raschid Pasha, the new Governor of Palestine, who in this respect has followed the example of his predecessor, Reouf Pasha. At the request of the Greek Patriarch, who lately visited the School, two young priests have been admitted as pupils in order that they might complete their training under the guidance of M. Nissirn Behar. It is worthy of notice that instruction in English is given by one of the senior apprentices in the Technical School, and, gratuitously, by Mr. Whitelaw, a Scotch gentleman, who has temporarily taken up his abode in Jerusalem.
Since June, 1888, when Mr. John Price took charge of the Technical Department, the young mechanics have steadily advanced in the knowledge of the handicrafts taught in the respective workshops. The machinery and other implements with which the Technical School has been supplied, have enabled that Department to produce a variety of useful articles, as well as to execute repairs, in some instances gratuitously, in public and private establishments. The Council are of opinion that the Technical School should in no instance compete with private traders and manufacturers; and they have communicated their views on this subject to the Alliance Israelite, who concurred in this opinion.
A Reading Club has recently been organised in connection with the Jerusalem School; the Council has encouraged the movement with a grant of £10 to be expended in the purchase of books.
Mogador (Morocco).—(109 pupils: subvention £60, in-
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