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Letter-writing, miscellaneous Readings, and Grammar. In the Spanish language the teaching comprises Grammar, Exercises, Literature, Translation, and Composition. In the Hebrew instruction is included the study of the Talmud. There are at least 1,500 Jewish boys in Fez who receive no secular instruction, and are greatly in need of proper schooling. In the opinion of the Director, the formation of Girls' Schools is imperatively needed.
"FTatfa (Palestine).—(135 pupils: subvention, £35.)— Owing to the popularity the School at Haifa has achieved, three competing institutions of an inferior degree have ceased to exist. The School is highly appreciated by non-Jews. The Governor of Haifa, the Deputy-Governor, the Greek Bishop, the Chancellor of the French Consulate, with many other inhabitants, Christian and Mahomedan, are glad to entrust to the Director the education of their children. Some of the pupils come from St. Jean d'Acre, Safed and Tiberias. The high estimation in which the School is held appears to be due to the fact that the teaching of Arabic (for the promotion of which the Council has increased its subvention) has been made a prominent feature of the programme of studies. Dr. Schmidt, the British Consul, frequently visits the School and looks after the health of the pupils; the Municipal Physician, Dr. Ibrahim, of his own accord, also pays weekly visits with the same humane object. The School has been visited by the Governor-General of Beyrout, who, in eulogistic terms, expressed his gratification at the progress which the pupils made in the Turkish and Arabic languages. His Excellency gave directions to the Municipal Council to afford the School any assistance or protection that might be required.
The system of apprenticing was introduced in the month of February, and 27 boys were apprenticed as follows: carpenters, 9 ; smiths, 4 ; stone-cutters, 3; turners, 2 ; locksmiths, 2; shoemakers, 2 ; coppersmith, 1; cabinet-maker, 1; cooper, 1; wheelwright, 1; tailor, 1.
Jassy (Roumania).—(175 pupils: subvention, £20.)—The Boys' School is divided into three classes. In each class
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