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eighteenth annual report.
£13.)—Special attention is given in the Talmud Torah School to the study of Arabic, and the pupils have made good progress in that language. The Director takes care to prevent truancy by sending his servants to fetch absent pupils from their homes. By this means he has raised the attendance of the pupils to 91 per cent.
The number of pupils in the Girls' School is likewise increasing. The present increase shows that the advantages of female education are being rightly appreciated by Jewish parents. The particular attention of the Council was directed to a fact which illustrates the creditable efforts made by the teachers to arouse among their pupils a sense of Jewish charity. Every Friday a box is handed round, into which pupils put their small savings for purposes of benevolent gifts. With the results of this collection pinafores are distributed at the end of the school year to all the poor pupils. These articles are made by the children, under the superintendence of a Pupil Teacher.
A considerable quantity of working material has been sent by the Council to Damascus for the purposes of the Girls' School. Several friends of the Association came forward at the same time to contribute voluntary gifts of working material for the benefit of the poorer pupils at the same School, To these donors, residing in London, Birmingham and Manchester, the Council hereby tender their cordial thanks.
Fez (Morocco).—(105 pupils: subvention,£50.)—The school-house is described as being the best building in the Jewish quarter. The last public examination was held in the presence of Baron de Wethnall, Belgian Minister to Morocco, the staff of the Legation, the Jewish notabilities, and some Mahome-dan townspeople. The answers given made a favourable impression both on the examiners and the audience. As gross ignorance has hitherto prevailed in Fez, the instruction given at the School is a great boon, and is highly valued by the Jewish population. The study of Arabic has been introduced in compliance with the advice of the Anglo-Jewisli Association. The subjects taught through the medium of that language are Translation, Exercises
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