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schools in the east.
study of German. The half-yearly examinations took place at the end of January, and gave great satisfaction to all who are interested in the furtherance of Jewish education.
Constantinople.—(Haskeui Girls' School, 341 pupils; subvention, £200.)—This School is mainly supported by the Anglo-Jewish Association. Only 30 of the pupils pay fees. M. F. Bloch, the Inspector of the Alliance Schools in Constantinople, spoke in high terms of the earnestness with which the Head-Mistress, Mdlle. Bornstein, devoted herself to her duties, and most elficiently helped the five Assistant-Teachers with her direction and valuable advice. The School is divided into 4 classes, and the Infants' Department into 3 classes. The subjects taught are Grammar, General History, Geography, Physical Science, Arithmetic, Object Lessons, Bible History, and Caligraphy. The workroom is attended by 33 learners.
It is a remarkable fact that whereas the number of pupils in the Boys' Schools at Constantinople has practically remained stationary within the last two years, the pupils at the Girls' Schools have increased during the same period from 739 to 1,025.
Cbajova (Roumania). — (169 pupils; subvention, £20.)— This School, the first Jewish secular School established in Roumania, is divided into four classes, and the staff consists of the Head Master, four teachers for Hebrew, two for Roumanian, and two for German. The pupils of the 4th Class successfully passed their examination for admission into public schools, and they were received, some in the Lyceum and others in the Commercial School. In the month of December the School Committee, aided by the teaching staff, arranged a Chanucah entertainment, at which some of the pupils gave a recital on the significance of the festival in the Roumanian, German, and Hebrew languages. By the proceeds of this entertainment destitute pupils were supplied with complete outfits of clothing and with shoes for the winter.
Damascus.—(Talmud Torah, 450 pupils; subvention, £50. Girls' School, 110 pupils: subvention for working material,
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