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schools in the east.
to ascertain whether there is a possibility of introducing new handicrafts among the Jews in Bagdad, without exposing Jewish apprentices or their friends to the perils mentioned by Mr. Cohen. The results of the inquiries will be stated in a future report.
Beyrout.—(Boys' School, 119 pupils; Girls' School, 97 pupils; subvention, £60.)—The Schools continue to make satisfactory progress, and many Jewish residents of Beyrout who originally were fierce opponents to secular education now look with the utmost confidence upon the advantages afforded by the Schools. This improved state of things is demonstrated by the fact that when M. Bondy, the present Head Master, entered on his functions in the year 1879, the Boys' School was attended by only 54 pupils and the Girls' School by 32. The teacher of the English language at the Girls' School having left Beyrout, she has been succeeded by a lady who had received her education in London. The progress of her pupils is reported to be very gratifying. A fund has been established in the Boys' School to provide poor pupils with meals during the winter.
Bombay.—(158 boys and 86 girls; subvention, £200.)—In response to an urgent appeal from the zealous President of the School Committee, Mr. Haeem Samuel, the Council have increased their subvention from £180 to £200. Mr. Samuel, who has succeeded in enlisting the sympathies of followers of various denominations in favour of the Beni Israel, has received from his Highness the Gaekwar of Baroda a donation of 200 rupees towards the funds of the School. The Bombay Committee are anxious to introduce technical education in the School as a means of improving the material situation of the Beni Israel Community, but this excellent plan cannot as yet be proceeded with, owing to the insufficiency of the funds which the Committee have at their disposal.
The following extracts from the Report of Mr. G. B. Lagliate, Deputy Government Inspector at Bombay, have been furnished by the School Committee :—
The vernacular School for boys consists of five classes, and the girls' department of the same number. I held, on the
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