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let or hindrance. Eighty heads of families were at the present time deprived of the means of gaining a livelihood. Mahomedans, encouraged by the enmity borne towards the Jews by the governor, commit acts of violence with impunity upon defenceless Jewish inhabitants. The Jewish community at Fez had, on one occasion, found an opportunity of bringing their grievances to the direct notice of the Sultan, who sent a rescript to the Governor, directing him to treat the Jews with kindness, and to protect them from insults on the part of the Mahomedans. These orders of the Sultan were publicly proclaimed in Fez. Notwithstanding His Majesty's benevolent wishes, the condition of the Jews in Fez has as yet undergone no improvement.
Outrages in the district of Mogador.—The attention of the Council was directed to a series of murders and other outrages which had been committed in the vicinity of Mogador and surrounding localities. The murdered men were Abraham Alpachron, who carried on business in the district of Taro-dant; Isaac ben Moses Afrigan, a travelling merchant, originally residing at Tilin; and Jai's Nahoori, living in the district of Haha. The outrages were chiefly perpetrated by order of subordinate officials, who were actuated by feelings of spite against the Jews. In most instances the local Jewish communities themselves took the necessary measures for obtaining redress, and their action had to some extent been successful. One of the correspondents informed the Council that but for the interposition of the Anglo-Jewish Association on previous occasions, the offers of compensation with respect to some of the outrages brought under notice would either not have been made, or would have been rendered ineffectual.
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