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eighteenth annual report.
of the Association placed himself in communication with correspondents in different parts of the East, with the object of obtaining statistics of Jewish populations within their reach. A letter was thereupon received from the heads of a Jewish Congregation in one of the cities of Persia, who besides furnishing the desired data, called attention to the continued existence in that city of a grievance, in connection with the inheritance of property, arising from conversions to Islam.
.The Council, following up the action taken on the occasion of the previous visit of the Shah, have resolved to send jointly with the Board of Deputies an address of welcome to His Majesty on his arrival in London, and to state therein the results of their inquiries relative to the actual condition of the Jews in His Majesty's dominions.
From Mr. Morris Cohen, English Master at the Bagdad School, the Council have received important details concerning the situation of the Jews in Persia. His statements will be found below iu Appendix B.
Grievances of the Jews in Fez.—During the past winter the Council received several communications from the heads of the Jewish community in Fez relative to the condition of their co-religionists. The writers pointed out the numerous disabilities to which they, and those whom they represented, were subjected, I hey stated that the Jews are not permitted to open shops in those Maliomedan quarters which are centrally situated for commercial transactions. Only a few Jews, who are importers of goods from Europe, are permitted to sell them wholesale to the merchants in the bazaars. Handicraftsmen have but scanty chances of eking out a poor livelihood. Since the appointment of the present governor, Jewish moneychangers and purchasers of bar-silver have been excluded from a market-place in a Mahomedan quarter, where formerly this business had for centuries been carried on without
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