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that the three months' Regulation is still in force, and as regards Russian and German Jews they are carrying it out, as the Consuls of those nations adhered to the Regulation ^ in consequence of instructions to that effect from their respective Embassies. _ _
In the case of all other Jews, including British, the Turkish Authorities, whilst maintaining the existence of the restriction in question, do not enforce it; furthermore, British Jews are not interfered with in their movements about the country or required to find surety for their departure within a fixed time, provided that on arrival their passports are in good order and satisfy the requirements of the Passport Regulations, that is to say, that they are provided with English passports bearing Turkish visas, failing which they will not be allowed to land in the country.
Foreign Office,
October 24>th, 1888.
With reference to my letter of the 19th of June last, I am directed by the Marquis of Salisbury to inform you that the Turkish Ambassador at this Court has notified that the measures recently decreed by the Porte prohibiting foreign Jews from residing longer than three months in Palestine will only be applied to those members of the Jewish persuasion who emigrate in large numbers.
I am, Sir,
Your most obedient, humble Servant,
J. Pauncefote.
The Committee of the United German Congregations in Jerusalem have forwarded to the Council a letter thanking the Jews of London for the efforts made by them to facilitate the admission of Jewish emigrants into Palestine.
Subsequently to the lecture on " The Jews at the present time in their Various Habitations," which Mr. F. D. Mocatta delivered in April of last year at the Kensington Town Hall (see Seventeenth Annual Report, pp. 46—65), the Secretary
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