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sons who may be harassed, but are not necessarily crushed, by the enforcement of the law. It is the poor who are more exposed to " legal persecution," though their position is hardly much influenced by the corruptibility of the officials. There is, however, a very serious drawback even to this small blessing. Cupidity, bred by constant bribery, proves in many instances more oppressive than the law itself, and while there may be means of evading the law, there are hardly any to avoid the watchful eye of the official on the look-out for a bribe.
The emigration of Jews from Russia, which, in the two or three years following upon the first great anti-Semitic outbreak, amounted almost to an exodus, and then half subsided, has within the last year or two again assumed formidable proportions. In the absence of exact statistical computations one can only go by popular estimates, and these place the number of emigrants for the period just mentioned at 20,000 per annum. The number, it is believed, is rather below than above the mark. At present all sorts of rumours are in vogue in Russia as to intentions on the part of Western European and American Governments to put difficulties in the way of immigrants. These rumours serve as an additional impetus to immediate emigration. By far the greater part of the Jewish exiles go, of course, to America. Those who do not, are for the most part prevented through lack of means, and nearly all who come to England come only with the intention of getting means for the trans-Atlantic passage.
With regard to the Baltic provinces, another correspondent states:—In the Baltic provinces the Jews have, within recent years, been subjected to severe hardships. Jewish youths are, with inappreciable exceptions, almost excluded from education at high schools and colleges. Owing to these disabilities they are prevented from rendering their unquestioned talents useful to their native country. This causes an outcry which it is hoped will not remain unheeded by some of the patriotic authorities of Russia. Emigration is naturally increasing from year to year, but so long as there are no proper establishments for fitting the future emigrant
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