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of meanness, of which only the so-called Liberal Government of M. Bratiano was capable, and will not inflame the masses in order to divert the attention of the public from the defalcations and irregularities committed by its officials.
On the other hand, the Jews will still have to struggle against legalised persecution and suppression.
The prospect is extremely cheerless; but this consolation remains, the condition of the Jews is so bad that any change whatsoever must necessarily be a change for the better.
Travellers who have visited the dominions of the Czar state :—The position of the Jews in Russia has of late years not only not improved, but has steadily grown worse. In the first place, they had their full share in the decline of business consequent upon the continual internal disorders, and the evergrowing feeling of unsafety which has prevailed during the last eight years.
Besides this, they suffered and still suffer from the effect of the notorious "Temporary Regulations" promulgated on the loth of May, 1882, and which have so far not only remained in force, but have from time to time been aggravated. The evils resulting from those Regulations are numberless, but one of the worst evils is the influx, into the already over-crowded towns of those parts of Russia where Jews are allowed to reside, of a new contingent of people who formerly were either spread all over Central and Northern Russia, or else lived in the rural parts of Poland, of the "North-Western and the Southern Provinces. As a natural consequence this produced an unprecedentedly keen competition, which in its turn increased poverty and spread every species of misery among the Jewish inhabitants. Hardly anywhere else in Europe can there be seen such appalling-poverty, so much street begging, and so many lame, crippled
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