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than one instance, and especially in the question of naturalisation. During a whole session, lasting over seven months, only three or four Jews were naturalised, whilst hundreds of Christians obtained their naturalisation without any difficulty on the motion of the Speaker.
There is thus scarcely any difference between this Chamber and its predecessors under M. Bratiano.
More serious even than that is a law which this Chamber has passed, dealing a new blow at the commercial and enterprising activity of the Jews. In some small communes the authorities are in the habit of farming out the excise revenue to private individuals. Government contracts are also put up to auction, and Government lands are farmed out in a similar way. Jews were often, in former times, successful in these competitions, and in this way many a Jewish family gained a livelihood. Under the late Ministry, however, the offers of Jews were refused, and they were thus driven out of the competitions. Under the present Government what had hitherto been a "malevolent" practice has now become law. This Chamber has voted a law forbidding foreigners {i.e. Jews) to be excise receivers.
It is the more surprising that such a law should have been adopted under the Junimist Cabinet, as the three prominent ministers forming that Cabinet, MM. Th. Rosetti, Majoresco, and Carp, are all men of high culture, and favourably inclined to the Jews.
A few measures passed by this Cabinet during its existence of one year gave hope of a change for the better. For instance, M. Th. Rosetti, as Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, sent a circular to all the mayors of the villages, directing them henceforth to leave the Jews born there unmolested. To him is due the mitigation of the law of hawkers; further, the cancelling of the decree of expulsion of Dr. Gaster and M. I. Auerbach.
Since the downfall of the Rosetti Cabinet, the pure Conservatives are now at the helm of affairs. No rabid enemies of the Jews, they are also no friends. The party now in power being essentially aristocratic will not stoop to the acts
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