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late Minister of Instruction, decreed that children of foreigners should be excluded from the national schools, as if those schools were maintained by special sections of the population, and not by the country at large. In some cases he allowed a small percentage of so-called foreign children, but required that preference should be given to " native Roumanians."
It needed only such a hint for the Jew-baiting teachers to carry the prohibition into execution, and thus the Jewish element is slowly but steadily being eliminated or reduced to an infinitesimal portion throughout the schools in Roumania.
After driving the Jews from every branch of respectable activity, the axe was thus put to the root with a view to destroy their intellectual development, and so to reduce them to an illiterate mass, unworthy of the sympathies of the civilised West. Such efforts will, however, always prove vain in the future, as they have proved in the past, owing to the activity of the Anglo-Jewish Association and similar Societies. With the change of Ministry, a change was also expected to take place in the arbitrary treatment of the Jews. Reports from various parts of the country prove the contrary to be the case. The practice of despotic action is nowhere more fully and more severely carried out than in Roumania, where every official is an authority for himself, and acts according to his own inclinations and sympathies, without any regard to existing laws. Many a Head Master who formerly excluded Jewish children from school simply to please himself, considers himself still more at liberty to do so now that he is backed by the ministerial circular. This evil continues to exist in spite of the change of Ministry. Hope, however, may be entertained that when things will get into a more settled condition, this decree will also be cancelled. Not heir merely an unjust interpretation of the law,
M. Sturdza, another ministerial circular can, and no doubt will, put an end to it.
The new Chamber of Deputies and the Senate are now just as ill-disposed towards the Jews as their predecessors under M. Bratiano have been. Without his violent temper, they cherish the same bad feeling, which has shown itself in more
j a law, but imposed by
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