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receive our most serious attention is, the means to be devised of raising the capital to the proposed original minimum of £10,000; and considering the great utility and benefits which should result from this Fund, I do not apprehend that any great difficulty will be experienced, if the matter is properly represented to the public at large, in making the exertions successful.
There can be no greater charity than to contribute to the humanising and education of the comparatively great ignorant mass of our people in the various places abroad; and this consideration should appeal with great force to everybody who gives it a moment's reflection—quite independently of the Jewish standpoint.
I am thankful to the Almighty to be able to contribute £1,000 in addition to my former subscription; this, however, is conditional upon the amount originally proposed being collected, or promised, on or before November 1st next.
I am, Dear Mr. LOwy,
Yours very truly,
B. Newgass.
While the activity of the Branches has remained undiminished, an important addition to their number has been made at Tangier, where a Branch has been formed through the instrumentality of Rabbi Mordecai Bengio, the Chief Rabbi. Rabbi Bengio is President, and Mr. Solomon M. Pariente is Hon. Secretary of this new Branch, which commenced with sixty-six Members. If the Branch should satisfy the excellent intentions of its founders, its members will be able to exercise a beneficial influence upon Jewish Congregations in the interior of Morocco, by introducing such sanitary regulations as will check the present excessive rate of mortality. They will consider proposals for extending education and the teaching of handicrafts; they will study the question of reducing the severity of the bondage under which Jewish Communities labour in some parts of
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