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eighteenth annual report.
To the great regret of the Council, the Rev. A. Lovvy has placed in their hands his resignation of the office of Secretary which he has held for the last fourteen years, after he had acted during the previous four years as Honorary Secretary to the Association. The terms in which the resignation was tendered left no doubt as to the finality of his resolution, and were conveyed in the following letter:—
To the President and Council of
the Anglo-Jewish Association.
Dear Sirs,
I find it desirable from considerations of health to relinquish a part of my public duties, and have therefore determined, with much regret, to resign my post as Secretary of the Anglo-Jewish Association. In taking this step I gratefully acknowledge the confidence with which you and many other friends and benefactors of our community have recognised and stimulated my labours.
During the rest of my days I shall look back with unalloyed pleasure upon my connection with the Anglo-Jewish Association, whereby I have been permitted to co-operate in a work which has averted many calamities from our Jewish brethren in various parts of the world, and has secured happier prospects for the rising generation.
I am, dear Sirs, yours faithfully, 1880. A. LOWY.
The regret felt at the retirement of Mr. Lowy from the Secretarial office will be shared by all members of the Association, but will be diminished by the fact that the Council will enjoy the advantages of his services and his long experience as a member of their body.
On the occasion of Mr. Lowy's retirement, the following resolution, moved by the President, was adopted by the Council:—-
" The Council desire to express their great regret at the loss of Mr. Lowy's services in the office of Secretary to the Association. Mr. Lowy was one of the original founders, has always
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