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eighteenth annual report.
of the many arms of its great parent whose labours on behalf of our suffering brethren in various parts of the world are given in the Seventeenth Annual Report, forwarded to all (Subscribers. Such universal work reflects its lustre over our and all its branches, and thereby our monetary and moral assistance may take some little credit for, and have some portion in, that meritorious work.
It speaks well for the whole group of the Australasian Colonies, and especially for this Colony—indeed, some writer in a London paper has called Sydney "the Paradise of the Jews "—not without reason—that at no time has there arisen any feeling of hostility to our race to necessitate the good offices of the Association, but the broadest liberty and the fullest equality have prevailed, and we have worked hand in hand with those of all other religious denominations for the benefit of the Colony, and for its various institutions.
There has been, we regret to mention, a slight decrease in the number on the Subscribers' Roll for the year now ended, the amount of Subscriptions and Donations reaching only the sum of £89 18s. Od.
A Draft for £65 was forwarded to the Parent Association on February 16th, which left a balance in hand of £27 14s. 4d.
Nearly the whole of this balance may be included in the amount to be forwarded for the year 1889, in consequence of the liberality of Mr. Alfred Shackel, of Grenfel, as shown in his letter of December 16th, in which he writes to the Hon. Sec. as under:—
" I have much, pleasure in. handing you cheque for the sum of £7 18s. Od., which amount is according to your statement of expenditure for the year, in connection with the Sydney Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association. You might let me know next year, D.Y., what the expenditure will be, and I shall, very likely, act in a similar way by paying all the expenses."
The thanks of all our Subscribers are due to Mr. Shackel for his generous offer, as also to Mr. Morris Moss, who not only continues to discharge, with ability, the office of Hon. Sec., but who neglects no favourable opportunity that presents itself to further the interests of our branch and of the Association.
Alexander B. Davis, President.
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