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energies to uphold the local Alliance School, which is placed under the able direction of M. S. T. Pariente, and is regarded by Jews, Christians, and Mahomedans as a model educational institution.
In conjunction with the Board of Deputies the Council of the Anglo-Jewish Association sent an address of welcome to their Imperial and Royal Highnesses the Crown Prince and Princess of Germany, who visited England during the summer of 1887. In this Address the British Jews took occasion to bring under public notice the high-minded sentiments which animated their Imperial Highnesses in desiring that the followers of different denominations should be treated with perfect equality. This address of welcome was presented at Buckingham Palace by a deputation headed by Sir Julian Goldsmid, Bart., M.P., President of the Anglo-Jewish Association, and has since been graciously acknowledged.
In March of the current year, on the death of the German Emperor, William I., the British Jews sent a letter of condolence to his successor, the Emperor Frederick, containing the following passage:—"As representing the Jews of the " British Empire, we can but gratefully remember that it was " in the glorious reign of your Majesty's illustrious father " that the removal of the disabilities of the Jews in Ger-" many was first accomplished. We are also deeply sensible " of the powerful and consistent support which your Imperial " Majesty rendered to this cause, and of the principles of " liberty and love so nobly enunciated in your Majesty's re-" cent proclamations."
The Council also presented, in conjunction with the Board of Deputies, an address of congratulation to the Prince and Princess of Wales on the celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of their Royal Highness's marriage.
Among the subjects which have here to be recorded, the Council have the agreeable duty of expressing their thanks to Mr. Solomon J. Solomon, the distinguished artist, for the presentation of his life-like portrait of the Jewish historian, Professor Graetz, who last year visited the Anglo-Jewish Historical Exhibition. The learned Professor on that occasion
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