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In giving an account of the work clone during the past twelve months, the Council have first to advert to several facts which deserve prominence in the Annual Report.
Since last session the Council have had to deplore the loss of several valued coadjutors. By the death of Baron Hermann de Stern, the Anglo-Jewish Association has been deprived of a member who was a most liberal supporter. He was a generous donor to the great schools which were organised in Tunis and in Smyrna. Two years ago he announced his intention to subscribe for a period of years towards the Education Fund. The Jewish Community suffered an irreparable loss through the unexpected death of M. I. E. Kami, Hon. Secretary of the Alliance Israelite. His correspondence with every institution in which Jewish benevolence encourages the advancement of knowledge gave him exceptional opportunities to benefit his co-religionists, and he always used the influence of his position to the best advantage. The death of M. Alexander Sidi, President of the Alliance Committee in Smyrna, has been the subject of profound regret. He devoted all his
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