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appendix b.—jews in their various habitations. 61
ledgecl by law, their number was, except in the provinces above-named and in the south, quite insignificant. Then-position is naturally one of perfect equality. There are very many men distinguished in every branch of science, literature, and art, and also in politics, commerce, and manufactures. In contradistinction to Germany there are six Jewish generals and more than 400 Jewish officers in the army.
England.—I need tell you nothing about the Jews of our own country, for we all know by our experience, and are, I am sure, fully grateful for, the advantages we enjoy. It is strange, however, that there are only some 1,500 Jews in Scotland, perhaps less strange that there are under 1,000 in Ireland; while of the 100,000 or so in the whole of the United Kingdom, it is reckoned that there are not far from 70,000 in London, and some 20,000 to 25,000 divided between Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, and Birmingham. It might be wished that they were more disseminated throughout the country. The Jewish population of the numerous British Colonies, generally a very flourishing one, is estimated at between 15,000 and 20,000.
United States.—It merely remains for me to state, in order to render this summary complete, that there are about half a million Jews in the United States of America, occupying a position of high importance, and among the most devoted citizens of the great Republic, which is ever so ready to accord the largest meed of hospitality. The major part of these have immigrated during the last half century, and their number is continually increasing. It should be mentioned here that of lake years agricultural colonies of Jews have been established both in the United States and in Canada, and though the work has offered many difficulties, it has proved in most instances successful, and we have every hope that the movement will, in course of time, largely increase.
South America.—Jews are to be found in Mexico and in almost every State of South America. In all they are allowed full liberty, but their total number can hardly be estimated at more than 8,000 to 10,000, though they are increasing, and are likely progressively to increase in Brazil, and still more in Uruguay, and in the Argentine Republic.
Thus the total number of the Jews throughout the world may be roughly estimated at between eight and ten millions. When we consider how much has been accomplished in the path of toleration and of liberty within the last hundred years, how steady has been the movement, how liberal ideas
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