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and customs of the Jews in Bulgaria would always be respected by liis Government.
Salonica.—(Boys' School, 300 pupils; Girls' School, 246 pupils; Infants' School, 182 pupils: subvention, £150.)—The foregoing figures show that the three Schools are attended by 728 pupils, of whom 410 have been admitted gratis. Compared with the preceding year there has been an increase of 56 pupils. 68 boys quitted the School on the completion of their studies; most of them took up the pursuit of commerce, and proved themselves well fitted for their new duties. In the Girls' School 44 pupils have left; the children of the most indigenous parents on quitting the School gain a livelihood by means of needlework and embroidery. 27 boys have been bound to various handicrafts as follows :—To boot-making, 5 ; coopering, 5; joinery, 5; tailoring, 4; carpet-making, 4; trunk-making, 2 ; saddlery, 1; bookbinding, 1. Baron and Baroness de Hirsch, who have carefully fostered the technical training of the children, have, by their acts of generosity, clone much to mitigate the distress of the local Jewish poor.
In the Talmud Tora School, where 1,198 boys attend, the new Grand Rabbi, Signor Jacob Covo, has given special attention to the advancement of the children. He received the thanks of the School Committee, which were also bestowed on Signor Hai'm Covo, a member of the Committee, and on the Rev. Signor Ottolenglii, Director, who had joined him in greatly benefiting the Talmud Tora School. It is a commendable feature of the School that the teaching of the Turkish language has been introduced. Fifty children learn Italian.
Smyrna.—(Boys' School, 358 pupils; Girls' School, 269 pupils : subvention, £130.)—In the Boys' School 283 pupils were admitted gratis, of whom 100 had been drafted from the Talmud Tora. The small-pox, which raged last year in Smyrna, made great havoc amongst children and adults; but in consequence of the precaution taken by the Committee of the Alliance School in having the children re-vaccinated, and also owing to the favourable hygienic arrangements of the premises, only twelve of the pupils suffered from the malady. In
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