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many of the girls very skilful at good needlework, and suggested that it would be an encouragement and a help if members of the Committee could induce ladies to send out any work for the little seamstresses of Mogador—such as bazaar-work, plain sewing, the making of under-linen, layettes, etc.
Many of the little pupils being wretchedly poor, and glad recipients of food from Mrs. Corcos, and other charity, another suggestion of Mrs. Payton's is that parcels of left-off clothing, of all sorts, and also boots and shoes, but not hats or bonnets, which are not worn, a sheet covering the ordinary apparel when out of doors, would be welcome gifts.
_ Generally, I can only repeat my previously expressed opinion, that Mrs. Corcos's enthusiasm in the good cause of education, her energy, skill and perseverance, amply entitle her to all the encouragement which can be given to her by your valuable Association.
I have the honour to be, Sir,
Your most obedient Servant,
Charles A. Payton.
In addition to the ordinary subvention, the Council have voted £10 towards the purchase of sewing materials for Mrs. Corcos's pupils.
Philippopolis.—(220 pupils : subvention £40.) This number included one Bulgar, one Greek, and two Italians. The Inspector of Public Education paid frequent visits to this Institution. He stated that the progress made by the pupils was highly satisfactory. The Annual Examination served as evidence that the teachers had performed their duties conscientiously, that the talents of tire pupils were of a high order, and that the instruction was entirely in conformity with the programme of studies laid down by the Alliance.
The political changes which had occurred in Bulgaria were taken into loyal notice by the heads of the School and by the Jewish Community at large. When Prince Ferdinand made his entry into Philippopolis, the Director of the School presented to His Highness an address of welcome on behalf of the Jewish inhabitants. The Director also accompanied the Rabbis and notables of the Community to the official reception held by the Prince, who assured them that the institutions
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