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trie installation shall be added. In the joinery department (the largest in the entire establishment), apprentices belonging to different countries and denominations are to be found. The work done is directed by two masters. The sale of olive wood being forbidden, this species of industry has lost its importance, and for this reason the number of turnery apprentices is restricted. Tailoring is chiefly taken up by Sephardim. The learners are taught to cut out garments, both according to the European and the Arab style. In sculpture work the apprentices have excelled. Sculpture is executed in wood, stone, and mother-of-pearl. Ten boys, placed in the German Jewish Orphanage, are received as apprentices in the technical department.
The engagement of the former Technical Instructor having terminated in May of this year, the Executive Committee * have appointed as his successor, Mr. John Price of the Woolwich Arsenal, who was highly recommended by his superiors for his theoretical and practical knowledge. Mr. Price has already entered on his duties. The extension of industrial teaching will be helpful in removing the calamities of pauperism from the Jewish population of Jerusalem. This happy transition from a wretched to a prosperous condition is being efficiently brought about through the benevolent interest everywhere taken in the well-being of the Jews residing in the Holy Land.
Mogador.—(Girls' School, 106 pupils : subvention, £60, including £10 from the London Council of the Morocco Relief Fund.)—In the early part of the summer of 1887 this School was visited by Mr. (now Sir) William Kirby Green, the new British Minister in Morocco. His impressions of the School may be gathered from the following entry made by him in the visitors' book :—
* The utmost care being necessary in the filling up of this important post, a Sub-Committee was appointed to select the most acceptable candidate. The Committee, who held frequent meetings, consisted of the following members of the Council: Sir Philip Magnus, Major Goldsmid, Messrs. II. H. Collins, F.E.I.B.A., F.I.S., C. Q. Henriques, A.M.I.C.E., I. Spiel man, A.M.I.C.E.
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