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making good progress. Unhappily, the School continues to be wholly dependent on foreign subventions.
Crajova. — (85 pupils; subvention, £20.) — The Jewish population of Crajova consists of 2-30 Ashkenazi families and 150 Sephardim. The former founded a School 23 years ago, and this School is kept up, notwithstanding the difficulties with which the community has to battle at the present time. The Roumanian Government having interdicted the collection of the Gabella (tax on meat), the communal revenue has greatly deteriorated, so much so that a heavy debt now weighs upon the Ashkenazi congregation. The Zion Society, which makes education one of the great objects of its benevolence, has done much in recent years in the support of the local Jewish School.
Damascus.—(Talmud Tora, 6i<8 pupils; subvention, £50.)—• The Talmud Tora School was, a few years ago, by way of experiment, placed under the control of the Head Master of the Alliance School. Instruction in secular subjects was introduced, hygienic measures were adopted, and the discipline of the institution was judiciously altered. Since that time, the Talmud Tora has become a flourishing institution.
FEZ.—(83 pupils : subvention, £50.)—The School is divided into three classes, and instruction is imparted in Hebrew, Arabic, French and Spanish. Like most Eastern learners the pupils are very quick in acquiring a knowledge of languages, and they have made satisfactory progress in their respective classes. M. Braunschweig, of Lyons, who is much interested in the subject of Education, has, during his frequent travels to Morocco, given much attention to the Fez School, and he has reported very favourably of the good results achieved at this School. At the last feast of Purim he examined the pupils in the presence of Baron de Wethnall, Belgian Minister in Morocco, and the 'personnel of the Legation. These gentlemen were very much gratified with the ready answers of the pupils, who also performed Racine's "Athalie."
Haifa. — (102 pupils; subvention, £20.) — This School, which has now existed seven years, has produced excellent results, and been of good service to the status of the Jewish
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