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the last University Convocation. He is the first Beni Israel who has passed from the Grant Medical College. In the last seven years five Beni Israel students had graduated in the
Faculty of Arts.
The distribution of prizes took place on the 22nd March, and was honoured with the presence of Lord Reay, Governor of Bombay, and Lady Reay. Three girls of the School, Miss Rebecca Haeem, Miss Miriam Reuben, and Miss Rachel Moses recited a sensible essay on " Female Education;" Master Joseph Haeem gave a recital, in English, of an essay under the heading of " Israel in Modern Times. The bravery of the Beni Israels as soldiers under the British banner was described in glowing language, and afforded great pleasure to the audience. The prizes were distributed by Lady Reay. Lord Reay, whose speech on the occasion elicited much applause, made a touching allusion to the late Sir Barrow Ellis as " one of the most distinguished administrators whom this Bresidency has known. He had requested Lord Reay to take an interest in the Beni Israel Schools. Alluding to a paper which had been read before the assembly, Lord Reay said: " We have, in the paper which has been read to us, been told that industry has remained the characteristic feature of the Jewish nation, and you may well feel proud of this tradition. The development of the industrial faculty is the development of the power of observation, and this School, on its industrial side, may well aspire to become one of the chief feeders of the Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute." After congratulating the Head Master and Head Mistress for bestowing all their energies on their educational task, His Excellency passed a eulogy on Lady Bassoon and Mr. 8. D. Sassoon for coming to the front on every occasion when they could benefit their co-religionists.
Mr. S. D. Sassoon, as President of the local Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association, warmly thanked His Excellency for presiding at this distribution, and observed that the visit of Lord and Lady Reay would be marked in the annals of the School as a
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