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the coppersmiths was considerably better than in 1887, when the failure of the crops occasioned general distress, which naturally affected the sale of manufactured articles. The prospects of the apprentices were exceedingly good.
Beyrout. (Boys' School, 107 pupils; Girls' School, 103 pupils. subvention, £60.)—The Beyrout School has become moie popular among the Jewish residents, who begin to appreciate the advantages of a well-managed school. English studies have been introduced into the Girls' School; the lady who gives instruction in the language is a native of Beyrout. Her pupils passed a very creditable examination, and showed a remarkable knowledge of the English language.
Bombay.—(158 Boys and 86 Girls: subvention, £180.)— This School, which was opened under the auspices of the Anglo-Jewish Association, in 1881, teaches the vernacular to bojs and girls up to Standard IV., and the Anglo-vernacular to boys of the Standards IV. and V. The School Committee, under the spirited management of Mr. Haeem Samuel, seeks to extend the usefulness of this excellent institution by securing liberal and permanent support, so that the young students may be able to matriculate, and aspire after better social positions. Hie School is also in want of a gymnasium, a proper library and the addition of a technical workshop. The latter is regarded as a great desideratum for ameliorating the prospects of the rising generation. The Deputy Educational Inspector, on examining the pupils in the English branch, stated that on the whole Standards IV, II. and I. showed satisfactory work ; Standard III. did not acquit itself quite so creditably. The girls' work was superior to that of the boys, except in Standard I. The needlework of the girls was very satisfactory. In the Marathi portion of studies the boys and girls did well.
Hebrew is taught in an intelligent and practical manner. A series of Hebrew books is required, but funds are wanting for this purpose. In 1886 a Drawing Class was opened, and this will be a good auxiliary in leading up towards technical education. The Committee mention, with becoming pride, that Mr. Benjamin Reuben Kehimkar took his degree of L.M. and S, at
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