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Moorish quarter of the town where such wares as Moorish clothing, shoes, silks, etc., are sold; thus, if any Jews should follow any of these industries, they can only vend their wares through Moors.
7. When Government stores of grain or other articles are over-stocked, or their contents damaged through long storage, the Jews are forced to buy them at the normal price of undamaged goods.
8. Jews, with their wives and daughters, are compelled to undertake work for any Government official, at all times (even on Sabbaths and sacred festivals), and to receive payment far below the market rate of wages.
9. They are compelled to undertake work such as a Moor would consider degrading, e.g., the cleaning of sewers, carrying away the carcases of dead animals from Government stables, etc.
10. When the heads of rebels or of criminals are sent to a town to be exposed at the town gate, the Jews are made to salt them before they are exhibited.
11. The Jews pay a capitation tax to be exempt from military services, but in paying this they have to submit to the humiliation of receiving a slap on the head.
12. Jewish purveyors (butchers, grocers, bakers, etc.) are bound to supply gratis all the requirements of various functionaries, otherwise their trade is cut off.
13. A Jew cannot appoint a Jewish attorney to plead before the Kadi against a Moor. Thus he must either conduct his case in person or must appoint a Moorish attorney, or suffer his case to pass as undefended. Neither is he allowed to act as the attorney of a Moor.
14. Jews are not allowed to follow any of the liberal professions.
15. Jews are disqualified for public offices or employments. Some of the old Sultans did employ Jews as accountants and receivers for the Treasury, but, in such instances, the distinction generally proved fatal to the favoured ones through the jealousy of the courtiers and the bad faith of the Sultans themselves.
16. Jews are required to wear a special costume, consisting of a black skull cap and black shoes, and are not allowed to adopt any attire that might lead others to mistake them for Moors.
17. Jews are not allowed to use public baths, and are even denied the use of baths in the Ghetto.
18. As the Mahommedans consider the Jews unclean, the
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