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of non-Mahommedan bodies, even more than at present, to the rapacity and barbarity of the Moorish authorities.
In respectfully submitting our views to your Lordship, we confidently hope that they will be favourably considered by Her Majesty's Government, who have invariably lent their powerful and beneficent aid in ameliorating the condition of oppressed populations.
We have the honour to be,
Your Lordship's obedient Servants,
Arthur Cohen,
President of the London Committee of Dejouties of the British Jeics. John Simon,
Vice-President of the Anglo-Jewish Association.
London, 3rd February, 1888.
A Statement of some of the principal Disabilities affecting the Jews of Morocco.
1. Jews in the Interior are compelled to reside in Ghettos.
2. They are not allowed to ride through any part of the town outside the Ghetto.
3. On leaving the Ghetto they are compelled to walk barefoot, and to remove their head covering until they re-enter their quarters. They are not allowed to carry a walking-stick—elderly and sick persons only being permitted to use a reed as a support. Moors frequently amuse themselves by throwing live coals, broken glass, old tinware, and such things in thoroughfares traversed by Jews, and enjoy the fun of seeing the latter smart under the burn or wound inflicted on their bare feet. In Moorish quarters the Jew is not allowed to select a footpath to avoid rough walking, but must pass where the Moor does not want to pass. He is bound to pass the Moor on the left side, and if he fail to do so he must retrace his steps.
4. Jews venturing outside the Ghetto after sunset (except with the sanction of a Moorish official) are treated as outlaws, and become liable to the severest ill-treatment, with no means of redress.
5. They are not allowed to build houses above a certain height, nor to own property outside the Ghetto.
6. They are debarred from having stores or shops in the
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