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protecting the lives and properties of the Jewish inhabitants of the Sultan, whose immunity from all disabilities was solemnly promised in the Imperial Firman granted to the late Sir Moses Montefiore, Bart., in 1864.
We earnestly hope that through the wise action of Her Majesty's Government, such safeguards may be provided in favour of the non-Maliommedan population of Morocco, as will satisfy the demands of justice and humanity, and will thereby have the effect of protecting the Jews of that country from cruelty and oppression.
We submit to your Lordship the following suggestions for improving the status of non-Mahommedans in Morocco, which were embodied in a memorial we had the honour to present to your Lordship in 1880.
In order to improve the status of non-Mahommedans, without impairing the good feeling which should subsist between the various sections of the population, we venture to recommend:
(a.) The removal, by Treaty, of the disabilities which now exist, and which are, in the main, enumerated in the accompanying statement, and which exclusively affect the non-Mahommedan population.
Such Treaty also to embody the following provisions, viz. (b.) Special Courts to be established to determine all questions and disputes between Mahommedan and non-Mahommedan subjects, and between non-Mahommedan subjects and the Government or its officials.
Such Courts to be open to non-Mahommedans, whose evidence should be declared to be admissible subject to the like rules to those that govern the admission of the evidence of Mahonunedans.
(c.) The provincial and local authorities to be deprived of the power of inflicting the bastinado, or any other bodily torture, and no person to be detained in prison, awaiting trial, beyond a definite period, to be fixed by the Treaty.
(cl.) For the better protection of the lives and properties of non-Mahommedans, Commissioners (to be chosen by members of their own communities) to be appointed as intermediaries between the several non-Mahommedan communities and the Sultan's Government.
We are impressed with the deep conviction that, in the absence of such provisions as those above suggested, or of some other equally efficient safeguards, in the interest of the non-Mahommedans, the abolition or material modification of Consular protection would expose the lives and properties
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