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The Proposed Conference at Madrid.—At the January meeting of the Council, notice was taken of public . announcements that a Conference was, at an early period, to meet at Madrid for the purpose of putting a stop to the protection which many Jewish and non-Jewish merchants enjoyed in certain parts of the Moorish dominions. It being a known fact that the existing system of protection serves as a safeguard to many Jews against lawless proceedings of local Governors and their subordinates, the Council resolved that immediate inquiries be made into the legal position of the Jews in Morocco, in order that their interests might be duly represented before the proposed Conference. The information which thereupon was collected contained valuable and instructive facts, which will be found appended to the following memorial addressed to the Marquis of Salisbury by the Conjoint Committee :—
The Most Honourable,
The Marquis of Salisbury, E.G.,
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.
My Lord,
In view of the approaching Conference at Madrid to consider the system of Consular protection in Morocco, we, the Presidents of the London Committee of Deputies of the British Jews, and of the Anglo-Jewish Association, beg leave to submit to your Lordship's consideration the oppressed condition of the 300,000 Jewish inhabitants of Morocco who, as your Lordship is aware, suffer from the violence and injustice of the native authorities, especially in the interior of that country.
The statement which accompanies this memorial sets forth the cruel disabilities under which the Jews of Morocco are labouring, and points out the circumstances which expose them more than any other section of the population to persecution and outrage.
As the future of our co-religionists in Morocco will very greatly depend on the result of the deliberations of the approaching Conference, it is of urgent necessity that such measures be devised as will relieve the Jews (who constitute the majority of the non-Mahommedans in the Moorish dominions) from their present degraded condition.
Since 1880, when a Conference was held on the same questionon, material improvement has been effected iu
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