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seventeenth annual report.
ing different localities in Transcaucasia, and settled there before the annexation of the Caucas' and others again before 1837, who are legally same rights as the native population, and are in nc by the above-mentioned law or circular based thereon.
I have, &c., &c.,
D. B. Peacock.
During the past autumn applications reached the Council from several quarters requesting that the Anglo-Jewish Association should intercede on behalf of numerous Jewish emigrants, who, on arriving at the borders of Palestine, were refused permission to enter the country. It was stated that the Ottoman Government had issued a decree that all immigrants should be expelled after the expiration of thirty days. The execution of this decree had indicted severe hardships on many families, who had not been forewarned of the difficulties awaiting them after departing from their native land.
The Conjoint Committee of the Anglo-Jewish Association and the Board of Deputies requested Her Majesty's Government to interpose, so as to protect the interests of the Jewish emigrants. The following letters were thereupon sent in reply :—■
Foreign Office,
13th December, 1887.
I am directed by the Marquis of Salisbury to acknowledge the receipt of the letter of the 5th instant from you and Mr. Emanuel, asking for information in regard to the position of certain Jews who have long resided in Palestine under British protection, and also as to the existence of a Regulation prohibiting the residence of Jewish immigrants in Palestine for more than thirty days.
In reply to your inquiry on the first of these subjects, I am to state that it appears that in 1849 the Russian Jews living in Palestine were informed by the Russian Consular Agents
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