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Rev, a. b. davis, President. H. E. Cohen, Esq., Treasurer. Morris Moss, Esq., Hon. Secretary.
The honorary officers of the Sydney branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association, in presenting the Second Annual Report and Balance Sheet under the " revised system," to the Subscribers and the Jewish public, have the gratification to state that the interest displayed in the first year of its revival has been steadily maintained, notwithstanding the depression that has prevailed, and that there are evidences that the hopes expressed by the Rev. President and the Hon. Treasurer at the last Annual Meeting will not only be fully borne out, but that they will be exceeded during the year of the Centenary Celebration.
The amount received from 97 subscribers has been £95 14s., of which £80 has been forwarded to the Hon. Treasurer of the parent Association for the purpose of the carrying out of the various objects that are of so much importance to the Jewish populations in the semi-civilised countries, and towards its other benevolent and universal aims.
The branch having received an intimation that it would be of great service if the Reports, List of Members and Balance Sheet were to be transmitted by the end of March, that they might arrive in time for insertion in the Annual Report of the Association, the hon. officers would urge upon the subscribers the necessity of forwarding their annual subscriptions not later than the middle of March in each year.
The Hon. Secretary, Mr. Morris Moss, upon whom nearly the whole of the work devolves, has been most indefatigable in his efforts to augment the roll of members, and it is hoped that with the return of general prosperity, it may be in the power of this branch to further the objects of this excellent Association to a still larger extent, and maintain the premier place it has obtained among the branches of the Association.
Alexander B. Davis, President,
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