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Manchester—co»ii!. £ s. d.
Uhland, M., Esq., Brunswick-
street, Oxford-street . .050 Valentine,Rev. J. H.,10, Elizabeth-street . . . .050 Vivante, M. S., Esq., 168, Bury
New-road . . .050
Wansker, D., Esq., Camp-street, Broughton . .050
£ s. d.
Weiser, Leopold, Esq., York-
street, Chcetham . . .050 Wiener, S., Esq., New Bridge-
street .....110
Wilner, H., Esq., 27, Birch House, York-place, Chorlton-on-Medlock . . . . 0 10 6 Wise, E., Esq., York-street,
Cheetham . . . . 0 10 6
ephraim L. Zox, Esq., M.P., President. maurice E. Benjamin", Esq., Hon. Treasurer. nahum barnet, Esq., Hon. Secretary.
It lias been considered necessary, in order to consolidate this branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association, that an effort should be made to bring its usefulness more prominently before the notice of the Jewish public of Melbourne. During the last two years the Annual Reports of the parent Institution have been distributed amongst the members of the branch, and these, containing a concise and exhaustive resume of the year's proceedings, form an excellent medium for publishing the great work undertaken by the Anglo-Jewish Association. The amount collected and forwarded to London last year was £30, and a draft for £45 will be transmitted by the out-going mail as this year's subscriptions. There are eighty members on the roll, and each year shows a slight increase. It is now suggested that some steps should be taken to carry into execution the wishes of the parent body to double the amount of our annual contributions to the general fund. In London the initiative was taken by the President and other members of the executive increasing or doubling the amount of their subscriptions, and this example has been followed by several members of the Melbourne branch.
It does not require, at this juncture, to express to you how noble is the work performed by the Association, how it stands as a powerful champion, guarding the interests of the oppressed, the ignorant and the impoverished, and how the great educational institutions which it supports in the half-civilised parts of the world bring brightness and gladness where was
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