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HONORARY OFFICERS. Julius Zossenheim, Esq., President. Paul Hirsch, Esq., Vice-President, h. marcan, Esq., Treasurer.
S. ASH, Esq., Hon. Secretary.
Rev. M. Abrahams, M.A.
L. Ash, Esq.
Rev. E. H. Fohlezer.
M. Goodman, Esq.
H. starfield, Esq., Auditor.
Bernard Josephy, Esq. H. Josephy, Esq. S. Krakauer, Esq.
This Branch has made satisfactory progress during the past year. Increased income and decreased expenditure have enabled us to send to London a larger remittance than for some years past.
There is a very fair increase in the number of Subscribers, though far too many of our co-religionists are still holding aloof from the Association. Great efforts will be made during the ensuing twelve months to increase the number of Subscribers.
The improved condition of the Branch is mainly due to the activity and zeal displayed by the Rev. A. Lowy during his short stay in this town, and we hope that the Parent body will make these visits to the Branches an institution to which we may be able to look forward. Such regular visits would raise the interest in the work of the Association, and would also generate that reciprocal feeling between the Branches and the Parent body which is desirable in the interests of the Association.
15ZA, 1888.
J. Zossenheim, President. S. Ash, Hon. Secretary.

£ s. d.
Abrahams, Rov. II. . .050 Adam, M., Esq. . . . 0 10 6 Addlestone, D., Esq. . .050 Annual Friend, per S. Ash, Esq. 0 5 0 Ash, Ludwig, Esq. . . . 0 10 G
Ash, S., Esq.....
Baines, Sir Edward.
Barnard, S., & Co., Messrs. . Barr, F. H., Esq. . Barraclough, A. & Co., Messrs.
1 1
0 10 6
0 10 0
0 5 0
0 5 0
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