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lady canvassers set an example deserving to be imitated in other quarters. The Council hereby tender their best thanks to the Rev. H. Gollancz and his efficient Committee.
Encouraged by these results, Mr. Montefiore organised a Committee in the Western district. The Rev. S. Singer was appointed Chairman, and Mr. Charles S. Henry, Honorary Secretary. Mr. F. D. Mocatta having consented to deliver a lecture on the position occupied by the Jews in different parts of the world, invitations were largely issued to attend a public meeting at Kensington Town Hall, on the 22nd of April, Notwithstanding very unpropitious weather, above five hundred ladies and gentlemen were present at the lecture.* The Rev. Dr. Hermann Adler, who occupied the chair, spoke in eulogistic terms both of Mr. Mocatta's instructive Paper and of the work undertaken by the Association. The meeting was also addressed by Sir Philip Magnus, the Rev. S. Singer, Major Goldsmid, and Mr. Claude Montefiore. Mr. Mocatta has, by his lecture, put under obligations all who are interested in the stability and in the objects of the great Jewish Alliance, and has earned the cordial thanks of the Council. The Western Committee began their work of canvassing after the termination of Mr. Mocatta's lecture, and the result of their labours will be mentioned in the next Report. The Council here record their thanks to that Committee, whose Hon. Secretary, Mr. Henry, has exerted himself indefatigably in the services he has rendered to the Anglo-Jewish Association.
The Branches in the provinces, the colonies, and in India, have faithfully participated in the efforts which the Council are making for the spread of education, and for the furtherance of technical training. Such co-operation merits the cordial recognition of the Jewish Community.
The condition of the Jews in Russia and in Roumania still gives much ground for anxiety and regret. Evictions on a
* The Council have the satisfaction of stating that Mr. F. D. Mocatta, after making some important statistical and other additions, has been kind enough to permit the reproduction of his Lecture and Map in the present Report (see Appendix B).
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