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assessment were to be collected by the community itself from among its members, and remitted, by a special receiver, direct to the Imperial treasury, without the intervention of any local authority.
Lastly, we entreat your Majesty to make known your Royal Will and pleasure to the governors, and their subordinates throughout the Persian dominions, that in future no distinction shall be made between the treatment of the Jews and that of other loyal subjects, and that they shall not be in any way impeded in the exercise of their industrial occupations.
Devoutly hoping that this our humble Petition may find favour and acceptance with your gracious Majesty, and that to the many glorious deeds which shed lustre upon your Majesty's reign, there may be added the noble work of raising the Jews of Persia from their present crushed and degraded state, and of placing them socially, morally, and politically on a level with all other denominations in the State—we will ever pray that the supreme King of Kings, who imparteth unto Princes a portion of His glory, who giveth Power to the Mighty and Wisdom to the Wise, may strengthen and confirm the sage rule of your gracious Majesty, and that, wielding the sceptre in justice and mercy, your Majesty may be long spared to witness the ever-increasing prosperity of Persia, and to exercise your magnanimous sway over that great and renowned Empire.
(Signed) FrancisH.Goldsmid,M.P.,Q.C.
George Jessel, M.P., Sol. Gen. John Simon, M.P.
Julian Goldsmid, M.P. George de Worms, Baron. R. D. Sassoon. F. D. Mocatta.
Ellis A. Franicin, Treasurer. A. L6\vy, Hon. Secretary,
Executive Committee.
D. W. Marks.
Leopold Schloss. B. Kiscii, M.A. 3\I. N. Nathan. A. L. Green. I. Selighan. J. Bergtheil. N. S. Joseph.
herbert G. lousada,
Solicitor and Secretary.
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