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not of our Jewish brethren alone, but also of those not belonging to our faith, on whom the common calamity had fallen.
When we consider the benevolent orders issued at various times by your Majesty, for the purpose of securing an equal measure of justice to all your Majesty's subjects, we are convinced that your Majesty will graciously listen to a statement of the grievances from which the Jews of Persia are suffering, and which involve them in unspeakable wretchedness and misery.
1. That an entire community of Jews may be held responsible for crimes or misdemeanours committed by its individual members.
2. That the oath of a Jew is not received in the Courts of Justice.
3. That a Jew converted to the Mahomcdan religion can claim to be the sole inheritor of family property, to the exclusion of all relatives who have not changed their religion.
4. That in many towns the Jew is prohibited from keeping a shop in the Bazaars.
5. That the rights of conscience arc violated, by the exemption from legal pains and penalties, which is offered to the Jew on condition of his embracing the Mahomedan faith.
6. That, besides the legal taxes, the local authorities levy arbitrary exactions on the Jews.
7. That although the Jew has the nominal right of appeal to a superior Court of Justice, he cannot exercise such right; for he stands so much in fear of the vengeance of the inferior tribunal, that he dare not incur the risk of appealing.
8. That the life of a Jew is not sufficiently protected by the law, inasmuch as the murderer of a Jew can purchase immunity by the payment of a fine.
e humbly submit that the redress of these grievances is worthy of a great, just, and enlightened sovereign ; whose sympathy with the civilizing tendencies of the times have moved him to visit Europe, to examine for himself its leading Institutions, with. the view of promoting in his own extensive dominions, the important work of National Education.
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