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" To the High and Mighty Sovereign, the Shah of Persia, unto whom may God grant a long, peaceful, and prosperous reign, and establish his throne in the hearts of all his subjects throughout his vast dominions.
May it please your Majesty, we, the President and Council of the Anglo-Jewish Association, which is connected with the Alliance Israelite Universelle, whose object it is to promote in every country the social, moral, and intellectual well-being of our brethren-in-faith, presume to approach your Majesty's august presence, and to give expression to the joy which we feel, in common with all the inhabitants of this realm, on the occasion of your Majesty's gracious visit.
As Jews, however, we have special reason to hail with delight the auspicious arrival of your Majesty, the mighty and illustrious sovereign who wields the sceptre of the only surviving Empire of the Ancient World ; for in our minds Persia is identified with the name of the great King Cyrus, who is immortalized in history as the author of the edict which secured to the Jews liberty of worship, together with the full and unfettered exercise of civil rights. It is our earnest prayer that the applause and gratitude of mankind, which have followed the memory of that magnanimous Prince through thousands of years, may also wait, after a long and glorious reign, on the august name of your Majesty, who sits on Cyrus's Throne.
Influenced at all times by the sentiment of brotherhood which unites man to man, we have of late been drawn nearer'to the people of Persia by the sympathy which the recent famine in that country aroused amongst us ; and we remember with satisfaction that the impulse to aid the sufferers proceeded in the first instance from our venerable and philanthropic co-religionist Sir Moses Montefiqre, who effectually pleaded and provided for the relief,

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