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housekeeper, and the like, and using a part, at least, of the land for educational purposes, instead of grinding the last farthing out of it as a good farmer must do.
I do not despair of the institution becoming self-supporting after a number of years, when we shall have educated our own staff, disposed of a number of grown-up boys, whose intelligent labour is valuable-and remunerating, and when with all these means we may cultivate scientifically this fertile soil in so fine a climate. But for the present, and for some years to come, the institution cannot exist and progress without a yearly subvention. What that subvention may amount to, it is impossible to say. Not only does it depend on the number of boys, and the quality of education we give them, but there are also many improvements and plantations to be made still, which cannot give an immediate return. If we had a clever, experienced, agricultural accountant at hand, the expenses might be classified, and something like a budget for the school, and another budget for the farm might be made out. But such an expensive person, costing at least 5,000 francs a year, is above our present means. The Alliance educates the teachers for most of its schools ; we must also educate the head gardeners, the accountant, and all the staff we want.
We must reconcile ourselves to the fact that the financial success is possible only in the future. The educational success is assured even to day.
In conclusion, I beg to state the following facts ;
When I was at " Mikveh Israel," there were 12 boys in the house. Since then two more have come from Jerusalem. Besides, the hitherto hostile rabbis, seemingly reconciled, have sent Us two boys ; and four more are advised from Schoumla (European Tup-key) as coming. The number will thus be brought up to twenty. We must not go too fast. The new boys must not be too numerous in proportion to the nucleus of already somewhat educated and morally improved boys.
I remain, dear Sir,
Yours very truly,
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