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geography. We are looking out for a more competent teacher, and in future the Arab language is to be taught. Hebrew is not neglected. The moral tone pervading among the boys is really excellent, and great care is taken in the management of the school and the household, not to offend the religious notions of the Palestine Jews.
On the whole, the impressions which I took away with me from " Mikveh Israel" are very favourable. But we must not mix up the educational with the financial part.
If at first the notion prevailed that an estate of 240 hectares could be made sufficiently productive to maintain an educational establishment of the importance which " Mikvdh Israel " ought to have, that notion was decidedly erroneous; erroneous in general, and still more so under existing circumstances. Even in France, it is a fine farm that gives a rental of 100 francs per hectare ; and then it must be a real farm, with buildings, roads, improved land, and with a rolling capital of something like /~8,ooo. What the concession gave us was, not a farm, but 240 hectares of waste land, overgrown with weeds. To make these productive, a considerable outlay of capital for buildings, roads, improving the soil, and the time of several years are required. Besides these a rolling capital and an experienced farmer to manage the whole. Nothing of all this was at Mr. Netter's command. He had the courage to go on almost without any capital, trusting it would come. It did come in some degree, but the amount hitherto spent, about £'6,000, compared with the results obtained, under the most discouraging difficulties of all kinds, cannot be considered as large. The buildings exist, extensive roads and ditches are made, the land is cleared and under cultivation, many trees are planted, and there is a stock of cattle, instruments, and furniture, and best of all, a great deal of experience, technical and general, has been acquired. This experience has shown that such an institution cannot be two things at the same time; that is to say, a farm worked as it ought to be, with an exclusive view to productiveness, and an educational institution requiring the whole time of a director, with a staff of teachers,
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