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r. The Council shall have the power to admit under the general title " Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association," an organized body of not less than ten subscribers, residing in any part of the British dominions, who may be desirous of promoting the objects of the Association, in conformity with the rules laid down in the Constitution of the parent Institution.
2. All members of Branches shall have equal rights with members of the parent Association.
3. The President of each branch shall be cx-officio a member of
the Council.
4. Each Branch shall communicate to the parent institution the names of its President, Treasurer, and Secretary ; and also its bye-laws and regulations, by which the business of the Branch is to be governed.
5. Each Branch shall have the power of proposing action to the consideration of the Council, but it shall not have the power of independent action, except in its immediate neighbourhood, and there only when it may "be impossible to submit the matter to the previous consideration of the Council. In case of such emergency, immediate information must be given to the parent body.
6. The funds of each Branch, after payment of its expenses, shall be applied through the agency of the parent society to any one or more of the objects of the Association, in such manner as the Committee of the Branch may from time to time decide. Each Branch shall annually supply to the Council in time for publication in its Report, a Balance-sheet, together with a List of its Contributors.
7. Each Branch shall be entitled to a summary of the proceedings of every meeting of the Council, and shall, during the month

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