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merit it extended, to the venerable philanthropist on that memorable occasion. The influence of that support brought about the speedy issue of the imperial decree of the 5th February, 1864, which especially protected the lives and property of the Jewish subjects of His Sheriffian Majesty, guarded them from the perils and dangers to which they had occasionly been exposed, and secured to them the future enjoyment of those civil rights, and that equality before the law, from which they had previously been debarred.
The Anglo-Jewish Association with an ever grateful remembrance of these friendly offices, and bearing in mind that the influence of the British Government in Morocco is at this present moment so potent, as to insure the utmost deference and respect to the wishes and advice of its accredited representatives, has directed me to bring under your notice, a violent infraction of the benevolent decree of 1864, under the firm conviction that in the merciful spirit of our Government, you will have the goodness to lay the matter before the Emperor not alone with the view of having the decree vindicated, but of preventing a recurrence of similar outrages.
The facts are these. In a late rebellion or insurrection in Morocco, many of the insurgents were decapitated; and on the 25th October last the Jewish butchers of Rabat, who were inoffensive and loyal men, were compelled by the authorities to salt the heads of those rebels which had been struck off, this odious task being exacted from them on their sacred and Holy sabbatli-day.
This disgraceful act on the part of the authorities concerned, is in direct violation of the Imperial decree of 1864, the clauses of which enact "that not a fractional portion of the smallest imaginative particle of injustice should reach any of the Jews; that they shall not be subjected to anything of an objectionable nature; that neither the authorities, nor any one else shall do them wrong, whether to their persons, or to their property. Nor shall any tradesman among them, or artizan, be compelled to work against his will. Injustice here is injustice in Heaven, and we cannot countenance it in any manner affecting either their (the Jews') rights, or the rights of others, our own dignity being itself opposed to such course."
The Anglo-Jewish Association is firmly and fully convinced from the magnanimous sentiments pervading the whole of the Imperial Edict that the offence was committed without the cognizance of the Sultan, who, had he been apprized of it, would not have failed to have shown his displeasure, and have severely punished the guilty.
We feel persuaded that we need not make any apology for asking you to exercise your great influence, as the representative of England, a
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