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The indefatigable chairman of the Roumanian Committee, Sir Francis H. Goldsmid, has likewise been in communication on the subject with Earl Granville, who has addressed a despatch to the representatives of the Government in Roumania which has been communicated to the Roumanian Government and to each of the protecting powers.
The substance is as follows :—
The despatch refers in general terms to various acts of oppression committed for some years past by Roumania against her Jewish subjects, including the late law respecting the sale of spirituous liquors. It remarks that the British Government has from time to time protested against some of these acts of oppression. It states that now, upon a review of the whole of them, it has arrived at the conclusion that they are the result of systematic intention, and that they place the Jews of Roumania in a state similar to that to which in the middle ages the Jewish community was condemned in most parts of Europe. It declares that in the presence of such a condition of things England cannot keep silence, but must declare her conviction that the proceedings of Roumania are not in accordance cither with the practice or spirit of modern civilization.

VI. Outrages in Morocco.
In the month of March, the Anglo-Jewish Association became informed of the following outrage which had occured at the town of Earache, in Morocco. An Israelite named Ben-Simjon having been insulted by a Spaniard, had struck his opponent a blow on the chest. The Spaniard died a few hours afterwards, but it is uncertain whether his death was caused directly by the blow, or whether it was the result of disease aggravated by the punishment he had received. Ben-Simjon concealed himself for some days, but was discovered and led before the representative of the Spanish Consul, in whose presence he was tortured, and otherwise horribly maltreated. He was thrown into prison, and very shortly afterwards died from the effects of the tortures to which he had been subjected.
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