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In conclusion, aware of the high and well deserved influence possessed by your Excellency with the governing circle in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, the undersigned venture to ask that, when submitting these remarks to the proper quarter your Excellency may be pleased to recommend them to the attention which they seem to the undersigned to deserve.
We have the honor to remain,
Your Excellency's obedient servants,
Chairman of the JR.ouma.nian Committee.
President of the Anglo-Jewish Association.
Solicitor and Secretary.
To His Excellency, Count Beust,
Austrian Embassy.
7, Furnival's Inn, E.C., '
London, 8th April, 1873.
You were last year so kind as to make known to us the inclination of your Government to assist our co-religionists when suffering under oppression, and your own readiness to transmit to the sublime Porte any information bearing on the subject.
These'intimations encourage us to call your Excellency's attention to what has recently occurred in Roumania.
A law was last year passed excluding the Jews from the tobacco trade, by which, up to that time, large numbers of them had gained their livelihood.
But a much more serious measure of a similar tendency is now in progress.
During the present session, a project of law was introduced by the Government into the legislative chamber, imposing for revenue purposes, a license duty on the sale of spirituous liquors. To this law there were added, in its progress through the chamber, two articles (the 8th and 12th), the 8th declaring that in rural districts and villages and in detached Inns and those situate by the sides of the high roads, no one shall sell spirituous liquors who is not a registered elector, while the 12th imposes severe penalties on persons who offend against the 8th. The Ministers accepted these additions in order to carry the law ; and notwithstanding opposition, it has passed the senate in the same shape, but has not yet, it is believed, been sanctioned by the Prince.
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