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over their interests, it would be desirable to appoint a supervisor of Jewish affairs at the Court of Persia.
A copy of the petition presented by the Association, and of the answer forwarded by the Shah, through the Grand Vizier, will be found in Appendix D.
V. The Jews of Roumania.
It is much to be regretted that the past year has not witnessed much improvement in the condition of our unhappy brethren in the Danubian Principalities. There have been it is true, no repetition of brutal outrages such as caused a feeling of horror to vibrate from one end of Europe to another twelve months ago, and direct acts of persecution have ceased, but although no longer daring openly to violate the laws of humanity, the agents of persecution have nevertheless worked at their object in an indirect but equally effectual manner.
A law has been recently passed by the Roumanian Chambers prohibiting the sale of spirituous liquors by persons who are not registered as electors. Now as the Jews have not been admitted to the franchise, it is needless to point out the hardships which this law entails upon them, a hardship the more severely felt as the majority of the village and roadside inns are kept by Jews. The keepers of these places are thus put in the utmost dread of starvation, and as soon as the law shall have come into general operation, which will be in April of next year, they will be completely deprived of the means of gaining a subsistence, and unless they obtain other occupation, will be reduced to beggary and starvation. The Anglo-Jeavish Association has joined with the Roumanian Committee in endeavouring to prevent the passing of this cruel edict, but in spite of its most strenuous endeavours, both at the English and Foreign Courts, aided as these have been by the exertions of the Alliance at Paris, and by those of the kindred Institution at Vienna, all efforts to obtain this object have hitherto proved futile, and the Council regrets that it has been hitherto unable to do anything which will afford any permanent relief to our unfortunate brethren in Roumania, or baffle the fiendish ingenuity of their bar-
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