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The Council proceeded to consider how far the suggestions contained in the above letter could best be carried out, and the most effectual mode of relieving the people from the oppression to which they are subjected. It was resolved that advantage should be taken of the approaching visit of the Shah of Persia to Europe, and that petitions praying him to ameliorate the condition of his Jewish subjects, be presented to him by the congregations of each capital through which he should pass, and that afterwards a collective petition, signed by the leading men on behalf of the various committees, be handed to him by the Alliance on his arrival in Paris. In order to ensure unanimity of idea in such petitions the Council drew up certain heads which were approved of by the Alliancc, and which were embodied in the documents. It also suggested two remedies which would, in its opinion, be most efficacious. These were the appointment of special local courts of justice for the trial of all cases in which Jews are concerned; and secondly, that the amount of taxes payable by each congregation should be fixed by the ministry itself, and not as at present, and hitherto, by subordinate local authorities. The rulers or heads of the congregations should assess the members and forward the amount direct to the Imperial Treasury.
It will be observed that in proposing these remedies, the Council aimed only at mitigating those evils which result from the state of the laws, as it is impossible by sovereign decrees, to reach the prejudices that arise from the habits or the religious observances of the people. These latter can be only removed by time and the influence of education. The result of the petitions remain to be seen, but the Council is very sanguine of their success. It bases this hope upon the wisdom, justice, and benevolence of the Shah, who has on several occasions, when directly appealed to, interfered in behalf of his Jewish subjects, and averted, or at least mitigated, calamities with which they were threatened.
The Council is moreover of opinion that in order to ensure the effectual execution of decrees which may be made in favour of the Jews, as well as to afford protection to them generally, and to watch
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