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clothes. At Yezd they are employed in the cultivation and manufacture of silk. The women too are engaged in similar employment. At Chiraz they are the musicians, singers and public dancers. Some of them are goldsmiths, and some merchants. Throughout Persia a large number of Jews leave their towns during certain seasons of the year, and repair to the villages and tents of the Bedouins for the purpose of selling drugs, linen, and fancy articles.
4th. What are the measures which weigh most heavily ufioii them ? We do not speak of the oppression to which they are subjected at the hands of the people, who are guided by a blind fanaticism, fostered by the doctrines of Chiaism. How, let me ask, is it possible to expect toleration from this people, which looks upon everything which is touched by the hands of a Jew as polluted and unlawful, and as forbidden by the Creator ? We only speak now of the special measures of intolerance employed by the governors in the towns.
a. If any fails in the fulfilment of his duty, or commits a crime against the government, the whole community is held jointly responsible.
b. The Jews are forbidden to keep shops in the bazaars except in the town of Hamadan.
c. On a wet day they cannot leave their quarters, as the damp clothes of a Mahommedan are considered to be polluted merely by coming in contact with a Jew.
d. It very frequently happens that a Jew is falsely accused of having committed a public offence against the Mahommedan religion; and this, in a majority of instances, is done in order to enable some Mussulman to free himself from a pecuniary engagement with the person accused. The Jew is in such cases maltreated and imprisoned, and can only escape his doom by becoming converted.
e. The testimony of false witnesses who could easily be confounded and unmasked by the judge, is received against the Jew.
f. The evidence and oath of a Jew is not accepted.
g. The people maltreat our co-religionists in the most horrible manner in the open street, and no judge ever takes the part of the victim.
h. A Jew who is converted to Islamism inherits all the property of his relations; and there are unfortunately very few families in Persia, some member of which is not a convert.
i. A Mussulman who kills a Jew has to pay to his relatives 140 Krans, and is immediately set at liberty. The priests are
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